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Release Date: 2018-05-31
Rating: G

Original title  : Lazzaro felice
Directed by  : Alice Rohrwacher
Written by  : Alice Rohrwacher
Starring  : Adriano Tardiolo, Agnese Graziani, Alba Rohrwacher, Alessandro Genovesi, Annunziata Capretto, Carlo Massimino, Carlo Tarmati, Daria Pascal Attolini, Davide Denci, Edoardo Montalto, Ettore Scarpa, Gala Othero Winter, Giulia Caccavello, Iris Pulvano, Leonardo Nigro, Luca Chikovani, Maddalena Baiocco, Natalino Balasso, Nicoletta Braschi, Pascal Tréguy, Pasqualina Scuncia, Sergi López, Tommaso Ragno
Popularity  : 5.516
Production company  : Ad Vitam Production, Tempesta, Amka Films Productions
Distributed by  : Germany, Italy, Switzerland, France
Translations  : English, Italiano, Pусский, Português, Français, 普通话, Español, 한국어/조선말, Türkçe, Український, български език, Dansk, Polski
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The tale of a meeting between Lazzaro, a young peasant so good that he is often mistaken for simple-minded, and Tancredi, a young nobleman cursed by his imagination. Life in their isolated pastoral village Inviolata is dominated by the terrible Marchesa Alfonsina de Luna, the queen of cigarettes. A loyal bond is sealed when Tancredi asks Lazzaro to help him orchestrate his own kidnapping.

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