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Hostage to the Devil (2016) Info

Hostage to the Devil (2016) Full Movie

Release Date: 31 Oct 2016
Rating: NC16

IMDB  / 6.5
Directed by  : Marty Stalker
Written by  : Rachel Lysaght, Marty Stalker
Starring  : Malachi Martin, Eugene O'Neill, Robert Blair Kaiser, Robert Marro
Popularity  : 2.470936
Production company  : 
Distributed by  : United States of America
Language  : English
Origin : en
Revenue : 0
Votes : 701
Age : 13+

Malachi Martin; an Irish priest who dedicated his life to battling an ancient evil. Malachi Martin; exorcist. Using first-hand interviews, dramatic reconstruction, archival evidence and Martin’s own words, this documentary will follow Father Martin’s incredible crusade from the 1970s through to his death in 1999. So. Does the Devil exist?