Hamlet 2 (2008) Full Movie Free Download

Hamlet 2 (2008) Info

Hamlet 2 (2008) Full Movie

Release Date: 27 Aug 2008
Rating: R

IMDB  / 6.4
Directed by  : Andrew Fleming
Written by  : Pam Brady, Andrew Fleming
Starring  : Steve Coogan, Elisabeth Shue, Catherine Keener, Joseph Julian Soria
Popularity  : 4.125345
Production company  : 
Distributed by  : United States of America
Language  : English
Origin : en
Revenue : 0
Votes : 15635
Age : 13+

From the same people that brought you “Little Miss Sunshine,” Hamlet 2 is the story of Dana Marschz, a high school drama teacher facing the cancellation of his program. A spoof on the typical story of bringing inner city and privileged youth together to succeed, this offbeat comedy contains a hilarious musical finale.