A Doggone Christmas (2016) Full Movie Free Download

A Doggone Christmas (2016) Info

A Doggone Christmas (2016) Full Movie

Release Date: 1 Nov 2016

IMDB  / 5
Directed by  : Jim Wynorski
Written by  : Jim Wynorski, Josh Holt
Starring  : Jaret Sacrey, Zachary Cirino, Dominique Swain, Jesse the Jack Russell Terrier
Popularity  : 0.830211
Production company  : 
Distributed by  : 
Language  : 
Origin : en
Revenue : 0
Votes : 57
Age : 13+

When the CIA discovers a cute orphan puppy with amazing telepathic abilities, the powers-that-be in Washington immediately lock him down and plan on forcing the poor dog to become a covert secret weapon. But fate steps in and frees the pint-sized Jack Russel Terrier from government clutches